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Sunday December 17 2017
Real de Santa Ana in Todos Santos: Living in Baja’s Natural Oasis

Rory King

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Todos Santos is one of the few cities in the world that is built around a natural Oasis.
Located on the Pacific Ocean, where the foothills of the Sierra de la Laguna mountain range meet the ocean, it is lush with palm trees and abundant in natural orchards of avocados, mangos, and other varieties of fruit.

The city of Todos Santos is so important to the history of Baja Sur that the Federal Government has awarded it the status of “Pueblo Magico” or Magic Town. This prestigious award is only given to one or two cities in each state of Mexico that are deemed to be of significant historical and economic relevance to the area. The city is now famous for its artist colony, organic fruit and vegetables, and quiet and relaxing lifestyle. In addition, a master plan for the city has been developed, and the charm and historic buildings of the city will be protected by the city government.

The Santa Ana family is part of the history of this great community. Their fore fathers grew acres of tomatoes, asparagus, sugar cane and other fruits and vegetables, which were shipped up the Pacific Coast to San Francisco. The new generations of the Santa Ana family have continued to develop the richness of this city through the development of Real de Santa Ana.

Real de Santa Ana is a 130 home community on the southern side of the city - walking distance to town - with incredible views of the mountain range and the city. The complex has beautifully designed homes that celebrate the history of the area through the use of the natural materials and the native architectural feel which is aptly known as “Todos Santos Style.” These homes are unique in style, and most feature elements of the traditional Hacienda layout that focus on an outdoor living space in a center courtyard setting for gatherings of friends and family.

The safe, privately-gated community is lush with palm trees and an indigenous plant life.
Real de Santa Ana is a celebration of what Todos Santos is all about. The pricing is reasonable and will surprise many, and the lifestyle of city and Baja Sur will enrich the lives of those who chose this community as a retirement destination or as their vacation home. Contact for further information, and a complete package on pricing and availability.


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