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Saturday January 20 2018
Active Planning Now for the Future

Brian Blackburn

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Active Planning Now for the Future

Are you getting tired of negative news regarding personal investments?

I sure am, so this article will discuss PDI SAPI de CV SOFOM ENR (PDI), a Mexican-registered financial institution which offers ways to insulate investors from the perils of the stock market, get-rich-quick schemes and standard garden-variety investments.

There are three main necessities when choosing where to place your money in order to have a comfortable lifestyle now and to be ready for the future… SECURE your principal funds, SUSTAIN your returns, and SELECT your opportunities.

All too often, these factors get lost in the decision-making process as Investment Advisors and Fund Managers have their own agenda … of course, their agenda makes sure they get paid regardless of the success of their recommendations!

PDI works to achieve your financial goals by providing unique wealth building opportunities, sharing profits, giving back to the community and NO FEES. Many financial institutions claims one or two of these points, but PDI offers all four with no questions asked.

Let’s discuss how to SECURE your principal funds… security of capital is very important as it does no good to end up with less money than with what you started! How many times has a “can’t miss” opportunity become a money pit until you finally give up and sell for whatever value can be recovered.

Corporate profiles look good on paper but often, things do not turn out as planned.

PDI investment programs secure your capital with cash, real estate and sovereign bonds, all of which are considered safe havens. “Cash is king” and you cannot get a better backing than currency.

PDI has agreements with real estate assets such as resort developments and commercial properties which are not severely affected by the volatile ups-and-downs of daily business operations. Sovereign bonds are those which are highly rated by the Weiss Ratings organization (for example, Hong Kong, China & Singapore lead the list, Mexico is number 23, Canada #31 and the US #36); these federal government bonds are considered low risk.

In order to SUSTAIN returns, PDI has established a proven track record of consist and quality decisions by offering reasonable interest rates which are protected by secure assets and thus is recognized as a leading international financial institution. Along with annual interest, PDI offers a profit-sharing bonus which is determined by the performance of the overall investment portfolio and remember, NO FEES.

When it is time to SELECT opportunities, PDI ensures the most suitable investment is chosen. Considerations include the term of the contract, exchange privileges into real estate property, liquidity of the underlying security, plus many other factors. One effective strategy is offering Founders Club and Investors Club memberships for exclusive resort developments, whereby the investor receives annual interest then at the end of the contract term can decide to take the cash proceeds or convert the credit amount into actual property within the development. The acquisition cost of the property is based on ‘now’ values thus future appreciation is built into the conversion cost.

Social responsibility with charitable foundations is achieved by a program whereby investors can pledge a percentage of their interest returns to a charity and receive tax receipts; PDI will match a portion of the donation ensuring the charity receives at least 5% per year for the term of the contract.
Environmental Go-Green issues are important to PDI as each property development looks to use the latest in eco-friendly devices which can include wind and solar power, footprint electrical generation, electric vehicles, re-cycling facilities, agricultural projects and other such initiatives.

Mexico has become one of the World’s most robust economies… the Bolsa Stock Market Index has doubled over the past 2 years, Federal debt is under control and the future of the Pemex oil industry is strong. Google has announced that Mexico is ranked ahead of China and India due to cost efficient business centers and economic agreements with over 40 countries. There are 85 million mobile subscribers and over 40 million Internet users, markets which grow by 20% a year.

Kimberly-Clark, Mexico is another highly regarded international company which praises the economic value of doing business in Mexico; in a recent interview, the comment “a safe haven for investment” was made.

Mexico was host to the recent Pan American games and in June 2012, Los Cabos will be site of the G-20 economic conference which is certain to create a lot of international attention. Mexico has been named to the Executive Council of the World Trade Organization for Markets and Competitiveness primarily because of a legislative policy framework which promotes tourism as a sustainable industry for development and investment.

PDI SAPI de CV SOFOM ENR initiatives include payroll loans for federal employees, state infrastructure projects, subsidized housing construction plus executive structured portfolios and joint venture opportunities in the international marketplace.

PDI is registered by CONDUSEF, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services and investor resources are directly managed by a financial institution authorized by the CNBV (National Banking and Securities).

PDI has offices in La Paz, Puerto Vallarta and Mexico City and is a partner of Boutique Club International for TreaZureZ, Mexico; El Cid Group, Mexico; Trump Golf Course and Residences, Puerto Rico; and other luxury international projects.

The timing and opportunity is right to choose PDI SAPI de CV SOFOM ENR for your investment needs… secured capital, sustained returns, optimal selections; for further information visit or contact me


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