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Sunday December 17 2017
Residential Developments in Acapulco
Luis Martin Medina Roque. Softec

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Since the fifties, the Port of Acapulco has been the preferred tourist destination for the inhabitants of the Mexico City Metropolitan Area, as it has natural landscapes, as well as places for leisure and fun, in addition to being near and accessible. The people who enjoy vacationing at this destination have a wide range of choices to make the best of sun, sea, and beach, including: hotels, time shares, and tourist residential housing.

For families who enjoy traveling to this destination frequently and who have the chance to purchase a home of their own, we will present a summary of the offer of finished new housing in the tourist residential market; that is, houses and apartments built by real estate developers, and priced at over 1 million pesos.

Currently, we have found 83 tourist residential developments in the Port of Acapulco in the sale stage. The available offer is found along the Miguel Aleman coastal highway. However, in order to present a summary of it, we will divide the market into zones, as indicated below: Traditional, Gold, Las Brisas, Pichilingue, Punta Diamante, Playa Diamante, Barra Diamante, and Granjas Marques.

Each of the areas mentioned above has its own appeal and personality. Thus, the choice of property will depend on the buyer’s taste, needs, preference of location or nearness to interesting sites, as well as budget available. Below, we will point out the zones with the highest relevance and concentration of available offer:

The area with the largest number of condos for sale is the Diamante zone, which we can mark out physically starting at Revolcadero Beach on the Palmas Coastal Ave., all the way to the Bonfil neighborhood in Barra Vieja. The Diamante zone has a varied offer of villas and apartments with and without beachfront. It has displayed the highest growth in the last few years, and features the highest-priced housing in the market; this is fully justified by the zone’s exclusiveness, prestigious architectural design, and luxury finishes, as well as exclusive amenities included in the condos, guaranteeing that you will have no need to leave the facilities of the housing complex. The La Isla Shopping Center and the Mundo Imperial Forum are in this zone, as are a wide range of restaurants, bars, night clubs, clothing stores, department stores, and performance centers.

Another of the zones with significant growth in the last 5 years is Granjas Marques, located on the Naciones Blvd. corridor, around Revolcadero Beach, heading towards the airport. This zone shows a predominance of villa and apartment condos, and is known for not having a beach front or access to the beach.

The Traditional and Gold zones are for the nostalgic who, as children, used to travel to Acapulco with their families, and who have fond memories of the place. The main advantage of this zone is that you can walk along the Boulevard, or use the public transportation available to arrive in a relatively short time wherever you wish to go. In this area, you can find a wide range of restaurants, bars, night clubs, shopping centers, and performance centers.

Before deciding to buy a vacation home, we suggest you compare the various options that match your taste, needs, and preference. Thus, we suggest you consider the following points: Llocation; accesses; borders; built surface and private plot areas; price; characteristics; finishes with which the home is sold; amenities or common grounds; monthly maintenance fees; utility payments (electricity, mainly); and of course, the financial issue, which is related to the sum you will destine towards purchasing the property. This depends on the sum you will have to put up as a down payment, the payment for the deed, and all other related expenses.

Another point I deem highly important is the matter of monthly installments as, should you purchase the property through a mortgage, you will be entering into a long-term agreement, which generally ranges between 15 and 20 years. Thus, we suggest you consider your payment capacity, in addition to checking out the various financing options available on the market, so you can choose the most convenient one.

Dear readers, as you may have realized, the Port of Acapulco has a wide range of tourist residential housing for sale. Therefore, we suggest you prepare a tour with your family to enjoy Acapulco and visit the various condos of the zone that you prefer, in order to compare and choose the option that best suits your needs and budget.


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