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Sunday December 17 2017
Playa del Carmen Retirement: Area Healthcare Developing

Thomas Lloyd

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When Americans and Canadians consider a Mexico retirement, they have a number of factors other than simple property features to consider; healthcare usually tops the list. For reason, Playa del Carmen properties are becoming more attractive for retirees, as the area begins to develop its healthcare facilities to a greater extent.

The area's healthcare facilities have begun to fully emerge as a center for this important aspect of retirement. On one hand, some very notable steps forward have been seen in the area of healthcare for the local population. Among these are a new hospital in the workers' insurance system (IMSS), a brand-new public hospital providing free universal healthcare to all residents, opened in March 2011, and, most recently a new Red Cross clinic, which has just recently seen its cornerstone laid.
The new Red Cross clinic, which is being built on land donated by the city of Playa del Carmen, will be located only a few hundred yards from the IMSS hospital, developing a kind of health-care district in this newly emerging part of the city. The main access road running past the IMSS hospital also leads to the new public hospital in about a 5 minute drive.

While most Canadians and Americans choosing a Playa del Carmen will probably make use of private hospitals rather than these services geared more towards the local population (although all three are available to expat residents) these developments do have positive implications. One is that it shows that the local government is working to invest in the care of the local population, and to develop a comfortable, modern community for all.

This creates a more positive relation between expats and locals – a factor for which Playa del Carmen already has a good reputation. The other is that at the same time the emergence of a higher-end, world-class healthcare system can be seen. In addition to nice modern clinics and small hospitals with a variety of specialities and sizes, there is a very new, state-of-the-art hospital operated by a Spanish company called Hospiten.

There have also been plans for another hospital of this sort to be opened in the near future. The trend is clear that, while retirees already enjoy excellent levels of healthcare in Playa del Carmen, the near future will be bringing more options, and a greater variety of services. In the mean time, most processes not available in Playa del Carmen itself can be found in Cancun. Finally, retirees will notice, that even with the nicest private, state-of-the-art hospitals, prices are surprisingly accessible.


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