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Saturday January 20 2018
Baja California: Landscapes and real estate market.
Softec, Gabriela Bolaños F.

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The roads of Baja California Sur lead to sites of great natural beauty; the drive offers sinuous mountains, the desert, and its link to the sea. This state has several tourist destinations, among which we find: Los Cabos, La Paz, and Loreto.

Because of their natural appeal, the exclusivity of their hotels, the development of Tourist Residential housing, and sports and water activities, they have become the favorite destination of US tourists mainly from the state of California; they come down either for a relaxing weekend, or to buy a house that will be their temporary or permanent residence.

Each destination has its own unique hallmark features; for instance: 85% of the visitors to Los Cabos, which is made up by two localities—San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas they have become the favorite destination of US tourists mainly from the state of California; —are North Americans, drawn mainly by: the Marina; the Arch that joins the Sea of Cortes with the Pacific Ocean; water activities, sports, world-renowned super luxury hotel infrastructure and equipping; restaurants; and shopping centers.

Another of the tour de force destinations and one most favored by national tourism is La Paz. In addition to its warm seas, red sunset skies, sport fishing, desert landscapes, and sea, it also has options to buy leisure housing.

Another point, located at the center of the state and bordering on the Gulf of California, with great natural beauty combining both mountains and sea, is Loreto Bay. This destination receives fewer visitors and has less tourist infrastructure, yet the same appeal that characterizes these destinations in Baja California Sur.

As we have said, in addition to being one of the most coveted destinations in the country, Southern Baja also has a development and sale of Tourist Residential housing with high dynamics generated by US buyers who choose these destinations as a resting place, a temporary or permanent residence, or for retirement.

We consider the Tourist Residential housing segment to be real estate products priced at over $100,000 dollars. The price of houses or apartments in the Residential segment sold in Baja California range from $100,000 to $250,000 dollars. The lowest prices are found in La Paz, and the highest in Cabo San Lucas. We did not find finished new housing in this segment in Loreto; what we found were plots.

The price per square meter in the Residential segment in Baja ranges from $800 to $2,500 in La Paz and San Jose del Cabo, respectively.

In the Residential Plus segment, we found that the most expensive products in Baja are in Los Cabos, located in the corridor that joins both of them. In Cabo San Lucas we found products starting at $230,000 dollars, and other developments reach up to 7 million dollars.

In La Paz we found the lower priced products in the segment, starting at $260,000 dollars, and reaching up to 1.2 million dollars.

We also found a wide range in product size, going from 68 m2 to 674 m2 of living space. The general average area in the zone is 220 m2.

Hence, we can conclude that, in addition to finding extraordinary landscapes and seas in Baja California, we also find options to buy Tourist Residential housing for every budget, and designs that appeal both to national and foreign customers; it is one of the destinations with the highest real estate activity.


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