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Saturday December 16 2017
182 Years of San Marcos: The Fair of Mexico
San Marco's Fair Committee, 2010

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Make the most and discover why the fair of Aguascalientes won the right to be called the Fair of Mexico.

Wander over its area of more than 90 hectares of vast and vanguardist bars and restaurants with multiple artistic and cultural performances. The “Isla San Marcos”, host of important exhibitions as the Expo-Ganadera (one of the largest livestock exhibitions in Mexico) and several amusement events and contest races.

During the traditional 2010 Queen Fair Crowning dinner, as well, the “deshilado & traditional costume contest”, “las mañanitas” song in honor of Saint Marcus and the Spring Parade.

The prestigious National Youth Art Prize (Arte Joven) is awarded in this City, birthplace of the most representatives Mexican artists of the XIX century - Jesus F. Contreras and Guadalupe Posada, illustrious engraver of the famous Catrina.

Music, art, dance, theater plays and literature fulfil your senses and take your imagination to fascinating places with the gastronomy and the Folklore of Yucatán as invited State.

The art surpasses with the “Plaza Monumental de Toros” (Bullfighting Plaza), one of the most beautiful and important Plazas in Mexico with a reception capacity of 15 thousand lovers of this sport and host of Americas' best serial where Mexican, French and Spaniard artistic performances are exhibited.

There is music for all tastes with international renowned artists in the “Palenque del Sol” and in the “Teatro del Pueblo” (outdoor theater performances).

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