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Sunday December 17 2017
A Green Entrepreneur in Chapala Lake
Coco Wonchee

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Driving West from Ajijic to San Juan Cosalá, through the route which runs around the Chapala Lake, passing through small fishermen´s Villages, with some subdivisions which are mostly built by wealthy Mexican families and here and there upscale Gated communities, you will see, all of a sudden amidst this bucolic and gentle environment, a large, pristine white tent; behind it, the magnificent lake as a beautiful back scenario.

What on earth is that? You may ask. A big wedding celebration? An agriculture laboratory?

A mysterious signboard shows “Rancho La Salud” Oh yes… It´s a Spa! Knowing the area is famous for the spring waters that are therapeutically and healing properties attracted not only nationals but foreigners as well all year round. -These thermal waters reach up 50°C and are rich in minerals, they need to be mix with cold water to tolerate the hot water- having this in mind I realize that all my imaginations were wrong, as I was approaching to the main entrance, it can see in smaller words: Organic Growing.

So, that´s how I met the owner, a serious Industrial Engineer , former Professor at the prestigious Tec de Monterrey Campus Guadalajara becoming a “Green" entrepreneur with all the implications the word “green” has, enjoying and suffering this adventure along with his lovely, enthusiastic and energetic wife.

He has taken this organic project very seriously,- he is producing organic vegetables and selling it in Mexico and the USA as well, according with his beliefs and principles ,based on nature respect, sustainable orientation and all of these in the knowledge of the spiritual connection between man and his environment.

As Napoleon said “Slow. that I´m coming in a hurry” Jaime projects no rush, no pressure, but a pace without pause, a sort of serenity, focused and completely sure that “Green” is what he wants for his second major Project: An ecological, completely sustainable and certified Green community. With homes designed and certified to be friendly with mother earth, with the environment, saving energy in the highest sense of the word. Water saving, the use of gray water for gardens, electricity from the sun, intelligent use of waste, trying to bring back the carbon footprint.

Here in Chapala Lake and the surroundings, this kind of projects for developers and Real Estate Industry are not so common. Usually big Construction Companies pursue fast and easy profits, commercial quality and massiveness is the key. Or luxury, exclusiveness, and comfort at a very high prices.

On the contrary a green project pursues cost-benefit putting first serious environmental issues, regarding use of water, energy, waste. The master plan contemplates all kind of amenities, sustainable houses, common ecological gardens , a small Spa hotel, part of the compound is on the lake, therefore it will have aquatic facilities, horse stables, and of course an introduction to Organic vegetables.

The project has been assisted by well known, respected arquitects -personalities in the world of sustainable home construction who lives part of the year in the area, whose authority on the subject can guide to the Project Director to the possibility to certify “green”.

Also an enthusiastic team of serious and young but experienced arquitects from Guadalajara believes in the same mystic, are involved in the arquitectonic design of the whole compound and the houses as well, giving to all the air and space enough for a truly ecological sense of “nature environment”.

Not all has been so “idyllic”, Jaime and his wife has had some little stones on their way: A hurried pitching of the development, differences with previous partners-developers which had different approaches to what a “green business” is. Change of partners, Delays due to all the bureaucratic process, and the most difficult part: to find the correct investors who believes in this new way to develop in a magical place. Who believes that it´s possible to get profit without harm nature?

In this Project everything has to mature, like his organic vegetables, Jaime knows that once the seeds are on the soil –with the proper amount of water, fertilizer and care - it become a glorious process of growth, maturity, and harvest, he knows the whole process has its own pace, is not a matter of hurry like he did at the beginning of his dream caused by external circumstances.

Therefore his dream of an ecological green development has to have the same thing, a pace without pause and naturally, he will testify the same process, growth, maturity and harvest.


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