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Sunday December 17 2017
Interview with: Patrick Hobson
Ventana Magazine
Patrick Hobson

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Patick Hobson is a frecuent contributor to Ventana Magazine. He is a member of ARDA (American Resort Developer’s Association) and is a 23 year resident of Mazatlan. He founded the popular internet portal, He was appointed Director of Sales and Marketing of Mazatlan’s and Pronova Developments in 2006, following a notable 18 years career with Pueblo Bonito Hotels and Resorts.

VM: Where are you from, and how did you come to live in Mazatlan?
I am Seattle, Washington. I had vacacionated in Mazatlan and thoroughly enjoyed the city. When my business (an Advertising and PR firm) was purchased by Fortune 500 Company in 1987, I decided to celebrate by spending the winter somehere warm. I decided to return to Mazatlan and basically have looked back.

VM: You are Director of Sales for Pronova Developments. What can you share about the company, its history and its products?
When I was invited to join Pronova Developments four years ago, I welcomed the opportunity. Pronova is Mazatlan’s largest and most respected developer; it pioneered the concept of planned gated communities in Mazatlan and started a trend when it built the first oceanfront tower project of recent times. Pronova has developed seven different residential communities in Mazatlan since 2001, and has sold more than 1000 homes and condominiums I the process.

VM: Can you define the “Pronova” Philosophy?
Pronova embraces a start-to-finish, full circle philosophy. We purchase land in the path of growth, contract world-class designs from internationally renowned architectural firms to avoid repetition, execute the projects with our own construction personnel, market using in-house sales teams, and also provide administrative services post-sales. This comprehensive philosophy has paid dividends – Pronova has been honored as Mazatlan’s “Business of the Year”, “Builder of the Year” and “Project of the Year” – all since 2007.

VM: What makes Mazatlan so appealing to Americans and Canadians?
Mazatlan offers the comforts and conveniences of large city – major supermarkets, state of the art medical facilities, a variety of sporting and entertainment options while maintaining a friendly small town atmosphere, it is also the only Mexican beach destination with a “Centro Historico” where you can meander among the restaurants, bars and galleries and bask in OldWorld charm. 6,000 Americans and Canadians now live in Mazatlan, enjoying the “good life” for a fraction of what it would cost back home.

VM: How would you characterize the current state of Mazatlan’s real estate sector, and what are the residual affects of the global financial crisis?
Mazatlan’s vacation and second home real estate boom really only started about six years ago. Fortunately, since we started later and our build-up was more gradual, many properties were either sold on pre-sale basis or during construction, and the absorption rate was very good. Consequently, Mazatlan does not have the glut of excess inventory that you can find in many other second home destinations.
Admittedly, the 2008-2009 season was very challenging, but we touched bottom, and have started to rebound. During the current seasons (2009-2010), we have once again established a consistent rhythm of sales, although nothing like that of three and four years ago. Until U.S. buyers regain their confidence and financial liquidity, we can not expect to post the type of sales numbers we enjoyed prior to the autumn of 2008.

VM: Can you think of any innovation, or anything that could be done differently to stimulated sales during this transitional period?
Next month, we at Pronova Developments, will deliver the first phase of Las Gavias Grand, a sensational beachfront tower of resort residences surrounded by Pronova trademark amenities – lush landscaping, a spectacular infinity pool, restaurant and sports bar, fitness center, spa, home, theatre, etc. We broke ground on the first phase of Las Gavias Grand two years ago, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Although Pronova will never, ever sacrifice quality, we aren’t afraid to think outside the box. We have been researching deeded Fractional Ownership for years now, and have decided this right moment to introduce a limited Las Gavias Fractional offering. The would-be-buyer, who may not have the financial resources or the free time to use a fulltime vacation residence, will be able to purchase a one-eighth deeded share of a beautifully-decorated beachfront condominium for less that $100,000 USD.

VM: You were associated with Pueblo Bonito Hotels and Resorts, a timesharing company, for eighteen years. Ins’t fractional ownership really timesharing?
The Pueblo Bonito Group is arguably one of the best timesharing companies in Latin America, and I was very fortunate to be around when the company was just getting started with its first property, Pueblo Bonito Mazatlan, But the answer is no; fractional ownership is not the same as timesharing.

Timesharing normally mass-marketed and sold in weekly increments in hotel-type facilities, not luxury real estate settings. It is normally not deeded, but right-to-use. It is likely that you need to submit a reservation request in advance, accept any available accommodation and can be denied usage if space is unavailable.

On the contrary, Las Gavias Grand is not a hotel. It’s residences are five star, luxurious private condominiums that have been impeccably decorated and staffed. At Las Gavias, you own condominium for a particular deeded period, and remain in complete control. We feel that deeded fractional ownership is the perfect transitional real estate product for the consumer whose end goalis to own a full-time property, but who is just not ready at this point in time.


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