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Sunday December 17 2017
Second-Home Market in Mazatlan
Rodrigo Valenzuela G., Softec - 2010

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Mazatlan, unlike most Mexican tourist locations, has shown an increase in sales of second homes or tourist housing on the past few years. The main reason for this is that Mazatlan has become one of the most attractive beach destinations in the world in terms of affordability and standards of living.

Mazatlan has perfect weather, beautiful beaches, low living costs, and - most important - property prices that are lower than in other Mexican touristic spots such as Los Cabos and Puerto Vallarta. In addition, it has the same infrastructure and amenities of a large city including restaurants, bars, clubs, golf courts, sport fishing, first class medical services, and great cultural traditions.

Currently, there are 41 active real estate projects in Mazatlan that offer vacation properties worth more than $ 100,000. These projects are divided into 4 distinct areas of development defined as:

1. Sabalo Cerritos: This is the newest development area in Mazatlan and gained popularity only 5 years ago. This zone, located at the city’s north coast, has an extensive and beautiful beach area and is where most luxury vacation housing projects are located. First class hotels have also been built here such as the Riu Emerald Bay Hotel, which has more than 700 rooms and was inaugurated on 2009. Sabalo Cerritos as been the quickest-growing tourism housing zone in the past few years.

2. Marina: Also known as “The New Mazatlan”, the area is home to new shopping centers, a convention center, a new golf course, schools, and universities. Second house developments in this area often offer a yacht dock for their residents. Land prices in this zone have appreciated approximately 300% in value in the past four years.

3. Zona Dorada: The northern part of “Golden Zone” is home of most of the beach hotels in the city including the famous El Cid chain, among others. The El Cid residential complex has the most important golf club and some of the most beautiful residences in the city.

During the last 10 years, the properties have increased in value by 10% every year. Most of the Mazatlan’s shops, restaurants and bars are concentrated on the southern end of this area, making it one of the busiest areas of the city.

4.Malecon / Centro: The historic “downtown” area is the oldest section of the city and is home to the longest boardwalk in Latin America. Even though there are only a few real estate projects here, they are well accepted by the market as a result of their great location and beautiful views toward the sea and boardwalk.

Mazatlan is a beach destination that represents many interesting opportunities to invest in a second house, whether it is for business, as a personal asset, or simply to retire.

NOTE: This article was prepared by SOFTEC with proprietary data. This information is obtained in a quarterly base in the 36 most important cities of Mexico. For any questions, comments and/or clarifications, please contact:


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