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Sunday December 17 2017
Living life in Rocky Point

Judy MacKenzie

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A golden opportunity for choices by the seashore, Rocky Point is on the edge of happening and is a lifestyle on the brink of development. Rocky Point is where living your dream and creating your “legacy” is possible when you’re open to life’s special attractions.

The magical setting sun brings the ending of another day as it sinks into the water leaving its beauty in the depths below. Walking by the seashore, a mother and her sons see the moon’s first appearance as it shows her face upon the water. Listening to the sounds of her son’s playing and the waves of the water as it comes to the shore, a feeling of happiness surrounds the treasured moment.

Violeta Marquez, a representative of Castillo Miranda y Compañia, S.C. has a full schedule with her accounting position, studying for her masters degree at the university, teaching a class at the university, and coming home to her 2 sons is all part of Violeta’s day. Once at home, Violeta helps her sons with their school work, gets their uniforms ready for the next day and does the necessary daily housework.

Violeta is happy to have the opportunity to grow professionally. Castillo Miranda y Compañia, S.C. has 11 offices in Mexico and is in 93 countries world wide. By meeting many professional people, Violeta believes she is receiving an education everyday and is grateful to be experiencing this part of her life here in Rocky Point, where the beauty of the desert meets the solitude of the sea.

Margie Poturalski, a resident of Playa Encanto in Rocky Point since 1992 shares the love of Rocky Point’s “unique body of water.” Margie describes the ocean as “sparkles with millions of diamonds and mesmerizing colors.” Her travels have included the Islands in Micronesia, Turk Island, the Mediterranean, beaches on the East sides of Spain and France, Puerto Rico, Aruba, Curacao, Nassau and Fiji. Margie believes Rocky Point’s beautiful quiet beaches offer a sereneness and restoration of inner tranquility. The solitude and breath taking environment of Rocky Point’s beaches are, to Margie, the ultimate in the universe.

Along with Rocky Point’s beautiful blue sea we have white sandy beaches that stretch for miles. To keep them beautiful and safe, James Bortz - owner of Executive Services, a premier beach cleaning service - grooms the beach areas in front of Puerta Privada condominium development and other beach resort properties. Soon, the beach in Las Conchas will have Bortz’s special services, whose equipment removes all kinds of debris from the smallest cigarette butts to the largest rocks, leaving behind a beautiful clean beach enhancing the most relaxing stay possible.

Adding to the enjoyment and making a visit even better Rocky Point has a “concierge on the beach.” Rocky Point Resources offers: “you want it, we’ll get it”, “you dream it, we’re on it”, restaurant delivery, catering spa services, babysitting and more. Meeting and exceeding their clients’ needs is the goal of Rocky Point Resources.

Rocky Point water sports activities abound in the Sea of Cortez. From kayaking to Parasailing to jet skis the choices await. There are boat excursions to Bird Island, scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing charters available every day. Fresh catch of the day attracts fishermen from near and far.

When your sea legs need a rest, you can find a baseball game to watch on Saturday afternoons at the baseball stadium on the edge of town. Bring a pillow for the bleachers, cold refreshments and lots of sun screen while you cheer on your favorite team.

Rocky Point offers a relaxed atmosphere, simplicity and affordability while living the good life, creating lifelong friends, peace of mind, and new loves. Quiet beaches bring solitude, full-time maid services gives you time for relaxation, and quality affordable health care offers peace of mind.

Who will you find along our sea shore? As one of the top retirement havens – it has been voted 1st place in two Annual Retirement Indexes – Mexico now has over a million Americans calling it home, many of them residing on the beaches of Rocky Point. Retirees of this beachfront community can enjoy the culture where creative minds and artistic talents abound.

Until next time, remember that “choices like footprints leave a lasting impression.” After you visit Rocky Point, it will be a choice you’ll always remember. Its white sandy beaches and pristine ocean, days of wonder, and nights lit by starlight are only few of the many beauties offered here. Dreams come true one sunset at a time as twilight settles over our gem by the sea.


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