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Sunday December 17 2017
La Amada, The Place to Be: Interview with Victor Aziz
Ventana Magazine - 2009

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“LA AMADA is not a place, is "The Place"”

Victor defines himself as an honest, straight person, a great friend and a good son. A fighter that sooner or later conquers his goals no matter what, sharing his love with the people around him is the most important thing in his life. We are speaking about Victor Aziz, Director of LA AMADA, one of the finest developments in Mexico and around the world.

VM: Tell us a little bit about LA AMADA
La Amada is the most important and elegant development in Mexico. It is very well planned and has everything you can find: privacy, security, low density, and even a heliport. The project has a Greg Norman signature championship golf course and a world class hotel with state of the art technology. Moreover, it is located next to one of the best beaches in the world.

VM: Why Playa Mujeres?
Playa Mujeres has everything you can imagine for its visitors and residents to enjoy. The secluded beaches, the surrounding nature, the weather and the people make it a destination one of a kind. The choice of Playa Mujeres was made by a group of talented and visionary businessmen from Mallorca, Spain and Europe that fell in love with the area.

VM: How do you think LA AMADA will help the real estate market in Mexico?
LA AMADA will make an incredible contribution to the real estate in Mexico as it will set a new standard in the development arena. It will prove to be not only a wise investment, but also an ideal vacation spot for those seeking relaxation, superior service and an expansive list of activities and amenities to choose from.

VM: Are you targeting U.S. and Canadian buyers? If so, what is the profile of these buyers?
Even though we are targeting the Mexican and U.S. market in our initial marketing phase, we will soon expand into the Canadian market, especially on the east coast. Some of our clients will likely be important personalities, celebrities, and sophisticated people who love to be pampered and like to live life at its fullest.

VM: LA AMADA is considered one of the leading resort developments in Mexico. What has been the secret formula to achieve this?
Believe it or not, I think one of the secrets to our success has been our marketing on the web. We have invested a lot of capital and time on our websites in order to attract buyers as quickly as they get on the internet and seek a destination in Mexico. We truly believe that our website optimization has brought us to the forefront amongst developments in the area. When you visit our site, you will find out why people want to be at LA AMADA, which -by the way- means "the beloved one".

VM: How do you think we should promote Mexico, specially the Riviera Maya, internationally in order to boost foreign investment?
Mexico has the most beautiful beaches in the world, a great culture, and wonderful people. I can guarantee you that you will not receive better service or attention anywhere in the world. It is truly amazing that a lot of people from the U.S. and Canada have chosen to visit other places around the world instead of Mexico, when it is so close and has so much to offer. Try LA AMADA and find out why our owners and guests come visit us more than 5 times a year.

Victor Aziz:

• He has a degree in Industrial Engineering Design.
• He worked with his father for 20 years in timeshare industry.
• In 1992, he decided to start a career in the full-time properties industry.
• He worked as a consultant in several commercial developments.
• Loves to spend as much time as possible with his family.
• His favorite hobbies are sport and race cars.


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